Have you ever gotten to a point where you think: "if one more thing goes wrong, I'm going to lose my mind"? Well, this is the story of how I ended up at that point.

The Sickness Diaries is possibly the longest thing I've ever worked on. From January 2023, I shared one chapter every week for two months over on my blog - subscribers received each part in their email inbox as soon as I published them. Here are the very first few panels of the story.
You can read Part One and Part Two in full over on my blog for free.
I drew a full-colour "cover" page for each chapter, mostly because it was fun to work on a detailed illustration for each section. 
I've also got a post up about some behind the scenes stuff if you're interested.
I hope you check out the story (here's the link to part 1 again)! And stay tuned - perhaps one day I'll manage to make a printed version of this one. 

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